Meet The Owner!

We would like to introduce you to Angie!

The Water Haus was started in the pandemic. It started with a very simple idea, no matter how big or small, I wanted to make a positive contribution to life. I wanted to be a part of a solution and not just scoff at how bad the world was. As someone that was furloughed in the very beginning of the pandemic, I felt stuck, heavy and to be completely honest burned out. So I set out to create a space where you could get out of the heat and into the cold A/C. For ten minutes out of your day you can drop your shoulders and relax. And when you walk out of here, you can leave with a sense of accomplishment and ease because with one simple act of getting water for your home, you just did something positive for your health, your wallet and the planet.

The Water Haus opened its doors in February 2021. Since then I have become someone deeply passionate about wellness and the environment. I've embarked on a mission to redefine our relationship with water and hydration.

About us


We are a local female owned business looking to change the world one fill at a time! Our philosophy at The Water Haus is ReUse, ReFill, and ReHydrate. REDUCE the amount of plastic waste by ReUsing your water bottles and ReFilling with Purified or Alkaline water to REHYDRATE your body.


What we offer?

In store you will find we offer self serve fill stations to refill your water bottles. Along with a 24/7 Vending machine.

Alkaline is $1.50/Gal

Purified is $.75/Gal

We have many other products in store that are not offered online, feel free to stop in store to take a look to take care of your hydrated needs!

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